Science Fair Info



October 11 – Science Night

October 13 – Testable Question is due

October 14 – Teacher approves Testable Question

October 20 – Research sources and Hypothesis due

October 27 – Materials, Procedures, and Variables due

November 3 – First Set of Observations due

November 10 -  Second set of Observations due

November 17 – Results paragraph, graphs, charts and diagrams due


December 1 – Conclusion and Real World Application due

December 7 – 18 – Students will begin putting first presentation poster together

December 21 – January 2 – CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS

January 9 – Finished Poster due



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Remember that you must be able to test and measure your question.

The Hypothesis must be written as an "If...Then" statement. For example: If I put water in a pot and heat it to 100 degrees Celsius then the water will boil.

Keep a detailed journal of everything you do for the project.

Don't forget the Real World Application.

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